The Jewish Caucus Appreciates the University of California's Quick Response to Daily Bruin Cartoon

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Daily Bruin ran an anti-Benjamin Netanyahu cartoon on the opinion page.  This afternoon, the Daily Bruin issued an apology and a retraction.  Here is the Daily Bruin’s apology:

“The Daily Bruin apologizes for the editorial cartoon that ran on our Opinion page this morning. As a newspaper, we take responsibility for our mistakes and apologize for them, so that’s what we’re doing here. Running this cartoon was an error that we deeply regret. It is wrong to use religion or religious tenets to criticize political policy. And it’s wrong to perpetuate harmful stereotypes – intentional or otherwise. We strive to understand the community that we cover. So as part of our ongoing education, we are reaching out to local religious leaders to help our staff understand the historical context behind these kinds of hurtful images. We sincerely apologize to the entire UCLA community and, in particular, any of its members who felt personally hurt, offended or attacked.”